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Water Quality and Air Testing Also Available

Standard Water Quality or FHA/VA Minimum, FHA/VA-Plus, Comprehensive Water Quality, Two-vial  Radon Air and Radon Water tests are just an example of what testing is available.  Additional testing for Uranium or Arsenic may be advisable in some locations.  Samples are sent to a state certified lab, and results are emailed directly to you within days. Fees range from $75 to $295, depending on your selection (extra travel charge of $75 may apply for samples not taken at time of inspection).


NOTE:  all prices subject to change without notice.  Please contact me to verify.





A variety of factors may determine the home inspection fee.  Those include the size of the home, the age, the type of construction, detached buildings, and even the location may have a bearing. Fees start at $375,  generally average in the $445 - $795 range, but again, are affected by variables. Firm quotes are available upon request.

Based on regular feedback and repeat business, I am confident my fees are competitive.  Please call me to discuss your property for a firm quote.

   Payment at time of inspection please- cash, check or credit cards accepted.